Essayist and novelist Roger Pinckney writes from beautiful and isolated Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. He is Senior Editor for Sporting Classics Magazine and a regular contributor to Gray’s Sporting Journal, where excerpts from The Mullet Manifesto have previously appeared. The Mullet Manifesto is his fourth novel.


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It’s the last of the free and wild days and Yancey, Grayson and Little Rip lay claim to a scrubby little island along a deserted stretch of beach. They hunt and fish and roam the woods but the world comes hammering at their cabin door. Prince Faisal, heir to the Saudi throne, is looking for a secure anchorage for his sea-going yacht and the boys’ fish camp is square in the way of a fat real estate deal. The boys will not back down, and after parties unknown torch their camp, they plot an unlikely but deadly revenge, the assassination of a Saudi royal.

The Mullet Manifesto is a cry for the wild places, on the earth and in the heart. It is dirge for a time forever lost, a time we need now more than ever.

“Roger knows more than he should about white and black magic…about good mojo and bad and how to mix potions for the pain of unrequited love.”


“Pinckney writes of decent people trying to stay that way in a damned indecent world.”